About Us

St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment Centre is home to a diverse group of knowledgeable, highly-trained and compassionate individuals from varying professional and educational backgrounds.

At St. Joseph’s, our approach is invitational rather than confrontational. We foster connections and establish trust with our patients by being transparent and involving them in their own individualized treatment process. At St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment Centre we pride ourselves on our ability to carry individuals from detox, right through the addiction recovery process and into post acute continuing care in the individual’s home community.

Due to the current methamphetamine crisis in Saskatchewan,we have dedicated fifteen of our treatment beds to people seeking recovering from crystal meth addiction, while five spaces are available to people seeking treatment for other forms of substance use.


Treatment at St. Joseph’s

Scope of Services

We offer full medically supervised detox and services are seamlessly coordinated across providers and caregivers, creating multiple pathways to recovery for patients. We encourage and support family engagement in the recovery process.

Service Delivery Model

St. Joseph’s uses a multi-modal therapeutic approach and an interdisciplinary care team to create a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment for each patient. We take into full understanding the individuals culture, values and beliefs, bringing about a culturally responsive care which focuses on holistic health and quality of life.

Medical Care

Our medical intake and stabilization provides full harm and risk reduction strategies. Collaborative care with community health service providers includes medication review & modifications, and we engage with psychiatric services providing a full range of services. Post-treatment, continuum care and follow-up services are part of the included chronic care model.

Clinical and Continuing Care

Our progressive, evidence based, trauma informed service delivery model is effectively used and embraces a ‘patients as partners’ approach to care and an understanding of addiction as a primary, progressive brain disease. We include 6-12 months of access to individualized therapeutic services and have an active alumni engagement process to ensure continued help.

In collaboration with

Cedars at Cobble Hill is a full service residential addiction treatment facility located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

They specialize in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction and also provide treatment for other types of process addiction including eating disorders and gambling. Cedars is committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment for their individual condition.

St. Joseph’s Hospital opened in 1938 to assist the Town of Estevan, which was facing a serious health care dilemma after the previous hospital was destroyed by a fire in 1936.

The current 140-bed hospital was built in 1991  and accommodates the city’s and surrounding communities’ medical needs.

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